Saturday, March 24, 2007

March 24, 2007: Tel Aviv Hash

I went to Tel Aviv today for the hash and managed to get back to J’lem in time for dinner. As the buses don’t run on Shabbat, I go in mini-vans or service-taxis that leave when full. I can now read the signs on the mini-vans, so I know where they are going without having to ask. Although, when I get tired I start to confuse the Hebrew characters with Greek ones. For example the Hey looks like a Pi and the Gimel looks like a Lamda. The run was about an hour on the outskirts of down town Tel Aviv. Although Brian only met these folks once, he seems to have endeared himself to them. I gave one person there an account of one of his recent mishaps and they said that 'it sounds like Mr. Bean.' The photo was taken a couple of days ago in front of the Umayyad (7th c. CE) fortress at Caesarea. Here, I’m wearing my keffiyah Yisrael.

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