Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Toeing the Line

I haven't been posting much.

Between trying to finish my paper for the conference I'm organizing, polishing up an article, reading student work, giving guest lectures, planing the conference, I've been flat out. I still have to put together a ppt for my talk, stuff the conference bags, and make final arrangements with the caterers. I had other "fun" things go on last weekend. I wrote something like 24 recommendation letters for 6 of my students who are all applying for the same 4 scholarships. Poor students. I also bumped my toe on the bed and from the crunchy sound I knew it was broken. I put it "back" into position, taped it, and iced it. I had my toe X-rayed - it's definitely broken, but I had set it and taped it correctly so there was nothing the Doctor needed to do - maybe I should be an MD instead of a PhD!