Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where Alyattes & Wylattes Make Their Mocha Lattes

It's Day 4 and very eventful at Camp, I mean Tel Safi. On Tuesday we visited the EB site of Tel Yarmuth in the afternoon after digging. Last night, I gave a lecture on the Aegean and its connections to the Philistines to a very attentive audience of students and other volunteers. Today, our team began to uncover an Aegean-style, Philistine hearth. It may be the latest such hearth found in Israel, as it sits 50-70 cm above the 11th c. hearth. Here, the Director, Aren Maeir is posing with the new addition to his site, but who are those people in the background??? Elsewhere in our area, the animal head of a ring kernos was found as well as a tiny animal figurine. In another part of the site, an imitation scarab was found. The area we are working in is where the "Goliath" sherd was found last year. This sherd has two words incised on it, which can be read as Alyattes and Wylattes. These are Indo-European names, read in semitic as Goliath, and although this name is famous, it may have been as common for the Philistines as John Smith.

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