Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome Home/Welcome to Oz!

Returning to Australia also meant eating and drinking, in other words, feasting - a means of renewing relationships. My former supervisor, Prof. Donald Preziosi, his wife, Prof. Claire Farago, and their daughter Mia have been here the month of July as visiting fellows in Art History and in the School of Historical Studies (Inc. Classics and Archaeology). They actually got here several days before I did, and once I caught my breath, they came over for dinner. Donald gave a really great public lecture as well as a talk for my Aegean seminar. We also had dinner with our neighbors, Philip and Dorothy, a few days later. Philip did the rennovation on the church, which became our house, and they live in the front of the house, ooops, church. Dorothy is American, which gives us lots to talk about!

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