Monday, July 9, 2007

Camp, Ooops, Tel es Safi/Gath Day 1

Yesterday we arrived at Tel es Safi. We is myself and two students: Brent Davis and Amanda Rose, who just arrived from Greece. The day began with a tour of the site and a lecture on Tel es Safi by the Director, Aren Maeir. This morning began with the ride up to the Tel at 5:30 am. We are working in Area A with Alex Zuckerman and Linda Meiberg. We're stoked because Area A is the Philistine area and we spent today cleaning our square, which has a Philistine hearth: which has parallels at Tel Miqne and with Aegean hearths. Amanda found a really nice bead or clothing applique made out of mother of pearl with two piercings. Tomorrow we are taking down a baulk, which may have more hearths in it. I spent part of the afternoon helping Brent and Amanda clean pottery and teaching them a bit about what you can learn from sherds. It's really great digging with my students. We are staying at the Kibbutz Revadim, which feels more like summer camp than a dig. We have air conditioned rooms and there's a huge swimming pool where I soaked off the afternoon heat. This clearly beats living in a tent. On Wednesday, I'm giving an intro lecture on Aegean archaeology.

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Sandi said...

Weezy, great stuff on your blog. I feel like I am right there.

Big news for me -- I am heading home to Southern California. Leave IR on 7/20 and start new job 7/23 in Carlsbad, CA.

Funny story. Bob was hysterical when he heard it...I was just about to hand in my resignation boss calls me in and tells me my job is being eliminated....I get severance of 3 months....needless to say, I didn't resign. Ha Ha. He spoke first, pulled the trigger, and I came out winning lotto.

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