Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tel es Safi: Absence Makes the Hearth Grow Fonder...

Although the dig at Tel es Safi goes on for another 2 1/2 weeks, I'm leaving after we finish digging tomorrow as I need to start teaching next week. I'll be back in frigid (it's only 41 deg F!!!) Melbourne on Friday afternoon. We had a pretty eventful day that started with Aren Maeir photographing 2 of our hearths. We had a group photo (Aviva,Aviva, Josh, Me, Brent, Udi, and Area Supervisor Linda Meiberg) taken behind 2 of them before the large one in the middle was taken out. But, that's OK, because we found 2 more later on. Meanwhile, Aviva found a small gold bezel - possibly the only one found on the site. This is in addition to 4 beads found in the square - including 2 carnelian ones! We ended with the usual washing of our pottery. All in all, an eventful day!

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