Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Absence Makes the Hearth Grow Fonder

Today was my last day of digging at Tel es Safi as I have to return to reality, freezing cold weather, and an 8 month high pile of mail. I spent the day uncovering a series of floors, one of them with bones on it, which were associated with the hearth. I also found a tiny piece of bronze - probably scrap. It's important because it may indicate bronze working or at least the possession of it at the site. Meanwhile Brent found a Late Bronze Age wishbone handle from an imported Cypriot bowl while cutting a section through an earlier hearth. Brent is staying for the full season, while Amanda leaves this weekend. I want to thank everyone on the dig, especially Aren, Alex, Jeff, Linda, Miriam, Rotem, Amit, Deb, and Jeff and the students in square A2 for a memorable time. I wish for continued success for the rest of the season!

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