Sunday, November 11, 2007

Los Angeles Hash and Foothill Hash

I spent my first full day in Los Angeles going through the 60 e-mails that accumulated in just 24 hours, then driving to Glendale for the Los Angeles Hash. It was kind of a small turnout, but it was still great seeing everyone. I was kind of tired at the end and skipped the on on on. I ran another hash, the Foothill hash, today in Griffith park. It seemed pretty much like it was all uphill with lots of dirt trails and shiggy. This one had a bigger turnout. I got a couple of down downs both days - for being a returner. I've now done more hashes this year in California than in Melbourne. It's "freezing" here in LA - dipping down as low as the mid-60's! (18 C) - shocking! We went out for pizza afterward, which for me is kind of like taking coals to Newcastle. Tomorrow, we're heading down to San Diego for the ASOR conference.

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