Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Interlude, Friends, and Doggies

I'm not driving so I ordered the large margarita!

Brian, Me, Sandi, and Leslie on Thanksgiving
I'm spending 2 days in Carlsbad, California before heading to my next conference, which starts on Friday. I'm staying with my friend Sandy, her daughter Kate, and her 2 dogs, Scruffy and Tommy (Trojan). Sandy is one of my oldest friends - she and I were undergrads together at USC. I miss Asta, so I've been walking Tommy and Scruffy to compensate. Sandy made some home made chili. Last week we also went out for Mexican food before the ASOR conference started. Brian met us at Leslie's house on Thanksgiving. Leslie and I were in the USC banc together.

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Kate said...

You wanted Ron Paul yard signs -