Saturday, December 1, 2007

Last Few Days in LA

Sunset over Santa Monica

Aside from deleting a deluge of spam, my last few days in Los Angeles have been spent catching up with friends and buying things that are cheaper here (well, pretty much everything is cheaper here other than wine and museli), such as Levi's and running shoes. Despite the fact that it's winter, there has been just 1 day of rain and all other days have been warm and sunny. The sunset over Santa Monica can be seen from Palisades Park where I went running when I lived in California. I am planning to go on a diet when I get back - I think I put on about 8 lbs (4kg) from all of that Mexican food. Last night was a final goodbye with many of my friends at the El Coyote Mexican Restaurant in WeHo. My friend Vicki, says it's tacky, but it's old school, tacky chic. My best friend and best man, Bob, gave me grief about not having enough margaritas, but I think I had enough to still function on Saturday and get my rental car up the hill to Craig and Christine's place, where I'm staying. Dwight and Cathy from the Hash were there also.

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