Monday, November 13, 2006

November 13, 2006: Exene, the Pacific Dining Car, & Howling at the Moon

Yesterday, we slept in and went for a late lunch of French dip sandwiches at Philippes, an LA Institution since my dad was a kid. It's famous for inventing the French dip, sawdust on the floor, and 9 cent coffee (it used to be a nickel).
In the evening we went to see Exene Cervenka (of the band X) and her other band, the Original Sinners at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. On our way, we passed a priemier of some movie called Deck the Halls at the Chinese Theater and I saw Kristin Davis and Danny DeVito walk by from the car. It was amusing to have this random Hollywood moment, but not a big deal as I've seen him a number of times when I lived here.
The concert was not crowded, but Exene and her band really rocked. We were right next to the stage and I got the obligatory T-shirt as well as an X embroidered biker jacket.  It should be all the rage in Israel. We talked a bit to Exene and urged her to check out Melbourne.
We ended the evening with breakfast and martini's at the Pacific Dining Car downtown. Now that James Ellroy has moved back here - to Hancock Park, he apparently goes there all the time. Before leaving, I stood under the restaurant sign and howled at the moon.

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