Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 12, 2006: Me and Exene

I am definitely sleeping much better here without the day to day stress of teaching, but have to write examiners reports for several hons theses before I can begin doing my own work. I don't have any jet lag, and gradually I am working the kinks out of my back from my 3 legs of flying: Melbourne to LA, LA to Wash, DC, DC to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Tel Aviv. Wait! - that's 4 legs - no wonder my back is sore. Jerusalem is peaceful, quiet, and warm so far. My apartment is huge with a big spare room that would hold all of you if you were able to visit. You can see a picture of where I'm staying at
Everything is good with Asta in Melbourne, although it has been very hot, 2 days of 37-39 (nearly 100 degrees F) so needless to say Asta has spent plenty of time in her "private swimming pool".
I woke up yesterday morning around 6, and after coffee took a walk around the Old City. It's sunny and pleasant, and Jerusalem seems quiet at the moment. My apt is huge, with a spare room for visitors, and I have a good wireless connection. My arrival here was uneventful. I was not even questioned at the airport. My conference in DC went really well, but I was pretty tired on the flight over as the 6 hour flight to Frankfurt wasn't really long enough to get rested.
LA and X are a long way away, but I still have the jacket!

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