Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trude Dothan, Asthma & Revising Syllabi

Last night I went to Trude's house for shabbat dinner. Trude is Trude Dothan, the Grande Dame of Philistine archaeology. I've been a semi-regular guest there throughout the past year. Trude is always up for enjoying an ouzo or an arak and tells great stories about her long career in archaeology and her many excavations. The photo shows Trude holding court in the Albright garden earlier in the year. Afterward I met up with some friends in the garden bar of the at the American Colony Hotel, but by that time, I switched to Perrier. One of the friends, Beatrice, I met some 14 years ago while still a student when I helped lead a group from the Albright around Crete. The garden bar is lovely and feels more like Hawaii than east Jerusalem. It's been very windy the last few days and it was cold enough that we enjoyed our drinks wrapped in blankets. The wind has also created a lot of dust and pollen, which has been irritating my asthma, so I'm using my inhaler a lot. Problems in the Gaza strip resulted in a number of road blocks and check points yesterday, the day of Friday prayers, but things stayed quiet. I was indoors working all day, but heard about this from others. Today I lost 3 hours to re-arranging the lecture schedule on the syllabus of one of my classes. The syllabus for my seminar is already online.

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