Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i-Chat, Do you?

I just found out my best friend, Bob Anderson, has a new mac book and just signed up for i-chat. I have i-chat too, but no one to chat with until now. Bob was online tonight at the same time as me and we were able to have some face time. It's the first time I've actually seen him since November. Bob was the man of honor at my wedding. It was great being able to have a face to face conversation with him and very easy. If any of you other friends have it, let me know your i-chat e-mail and we can talk. Even though the photo I took on the computer screen looks a bit blurred, it was actually quite clear.

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Billy said...

Hi Louise!

I never heard of I-chat...I'm not computer literate obviously haha! Nice that you could chat with's more personal that way than just typing to a screen. I'm going to check more on your site...

BIG hugs from Janet and Billy Boo:)