Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tel Aviv Hash, Aussie Run 680: Yaqum, South of Netanya

The following description of the run, is an edited version of what the hares (Fer Fox Sake and Russian Bride) wrote:
Strewth Cobbers , how do you make the warm amber taste used for down downs better than an abo's jockstrap? Simple you add the greatest bonzer known food to it - even mothers milk does taste better with a savoury spread, made from an extract of brewers yeast, eaten on sandwiches and toast. or from a spoon in conjunction with the amber fluid.

So there we were standing around like shags on rock waiting for any more hashers to turn up , a motley bunch of four decided to run along with the hares, the hares gave the ducks guts and it was "on On" - what was real beaut woz that Goldo had to check it out more times than she has ever done because there were so few on the trail. Richo, Clair and Up the Duff Pausey also ran around looking chooks with no heads trying to find the start of the trail.

Eventually we went over the bridge next to the servo and thru the sand where all the whingers thought they were on a dead cert until the drongos realised that there were two trails but they did not chuck a spaz. At the next hold like a bunch of derros, the hashers took forever to find the trail and then again thru the sand we hit the cliffs where luckily and for a bloody change there were no poofters on the beach swinging their wedding tackle around ,

Setting off again down to the never never, we thought that the hashers would chuck a spaz, and with no seppo's on the run, the hashers were flat out like lizards drinking trying to find the trail. We eventaully got to the half way and introduced the all time international classic "C'mon on Aussie C'mon" complete with a Mexican wave.

The second half gave the option for the most daft short cut option, just run accross Hwy 2 or continue on. They continued on to right till we got to a tunnel under the road where some noggin had decided to drop a bondi cigar at the entrance in between setting the hash and running it.

Well Goldo and Up the Duff Pausey spat the dummy and decided to LONG CUT and run over the bridge ahead. What nongs. Then again tempting fate, we ran back down the side of the bloody Hwy

The servo could have been seen but the hares wanted to cheese off the pack a bit more so went to the back of beyond and woop woop before the on in.

Back at the circle the walkers waited and drank amber fluid as the pack ran in. Fer Fox Sake sharing a Sheila moment complained that with his shaved legs (done for sporting reasons to make him go faster) that he now has sympathy with the other sheilas that running thru scrub scratches your legs more when they a softer than a rug rats bum.

Now to continue the Anzac Spirit with each down down the hasher had to first lick a spoon of vegemite (think vegemite shooter) before doing the down down , and fair suck of the sav bottle not one wanker did not like the taste it made warm beer taste better

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