Monday, April 16, 2007

Ani Lomedet Ivrit!

Which means: I study Hebrew. Yes, the symbols make more sense than this Nabatean rock art from the Wadi Rum. I can read street signs now and know about 100 words, which is about 90 more than I knew when I got here. However, some of the signs look a lot like Greek letters, but have different values. When I'm tired (like today) I start to read them that way and they don't make much sense. I swam almost a mile earlier today before Hebrew and Arabic. We pay for the Arabic lessons by the month and I'm dropping them after today, because it's too much and I need to finish the book I'm writing.

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Billy said...

I know a little Ivrit, I love the language and would like to learn more...

Not sure if I am writing this correctly it's been awhile...

ani ohevet ochta?
shalom (of course)
toda raba
bevakasha (sp?)
ma schlomka (sp?)

I can't remember many more...

BIG hugs from Janet