Friday, February 9, 2007

Back In Action - Sort Of

Saturday was a nice warm day - the kind of winter day that makes Los Angeles a great place to live. I'm feeling better and went to the Hash in Herzilya, a beach area just north of Tel Aviv. I still have a bit of a cough - which stayed with me nearly till the end of March, so I just walked and afterwards it was so pleasant and warm, we stood around drinking beer after the run ended. The picture here is from the 666 run at Megiddo and shows me running in a field near the site.
On Sunday, I went to a Pilates class and got back into my project. I've been reading a lot about Tel Dor - a big coastal site near Haifa that was inhabited from the Bronze Age through the Classical Period. It's very interesting as its a northern Sea Peoples site, with a tradition that is distinct from the Philistines in the south.
Today we went to see the Islamic Museum in J'lem that had some nice pottery, but the person who led us around lectured a bit beneath us. Tomorrow I'm going to Ramallah and on Weds I'm staring a Hebrew class.

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