Monday, October 30, 2006

October 30, 2006: Crikey! I'm an Aussie

Crikey, I became an Aussie citizen on Today! This means I am adding it. This does not affect my US citizenship. I'll have dual citizenship in the US and Australia, and have 2 passports to travel on and now I'll be able to vote in elections in both countries. Since I pay taxes in both countries, I should be able to vote! I put my application in 2 weeks ago, had my interview on Friday, took my "oath" today, and get my passport on Wednesday - I think that's even less time than it took for Madonna to adopt and get a passport for her African baby!
Normally it takes about 2 months between filing (I should say lodge because I'm an Aussie now and that's the correct term!) and getting the interview. They accelerated the process to me as I convinced the authorities that my 8 month trip to Israel was in the national interest of raising multicultural awareness.

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