Monday, August 7, 2006

Some 2006 Activities: Brian & Asta in Front of Our "Humble Home"

I was in LA in April for the EPOS conference at the Getty and UCLA. It fell at the end of my Easter teaching break, so I got to go a week early. I rented the cheapest car possible and got a free upgrade to a PT Cruiser convertable. I saw my favorite band X and sat on the stage in a puddle of beer right in front of John Doe. Afterward, I met my friend Craig for breakfast at the Pacific Dining Car - eggs and martini's - it was an LA Noir evening. I also ate Mexican food everyday - can't get enough!
Melbourne is great, but I miss the LA weather, Mexican food, my friends, and the grittiness of the big city. They have real seasons here, but no snow, nothing as severe as the mid-west or east coast of the United States. When the leaves fell in fall, Brian thought the tree was dying. We found one Mexican restaurant here that is actually owned by a real Mexican. It's good, but pricy. Cuisine here otherwise excellent and reasonable. Life is pleasant here, but bland compared to the dark places of Los Angeles, it's kind of like the movie Pleasantville.
My husband Brian is doing IT for the University and we both bicycle to work. It's one of the things I really like here. We also like our historic neighborhood of Carlton North where we live in a 19th c. church that has been renovated.
I was tenured in May and promoted in Sept 06, so the job is going well. I'll be spending My sabbatical from Nov 2006-July 2007 at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem as the Visiting Annual Professor. Crikey! It should be a blast.

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